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Join me in Tlaxlandia

On Thursday, June 3rd, QI invites families, young audiences and the greater @UCSanDiego community to the online premiere of “Pia’s Wondrous Adventures in Tlaxlandia,” a new play by Chicanx playwright José Cruz González.

Register here:

Join us for a seven-minute episode following Pia as she and Nopaliztli, a young apprentice wizard bird, journey across the mythical land of Tlaxlandia to find and free the Hummingbird Wizard. “Pia’s Wondrous Adventures in Tlaxlandia” is a reclaiming of ancient, indigenous wisdoms and philosophies for a singular Chicanx vision of the future. #Latinx #qualcomminstitute #Chicanx #ucsd #ucsandiego #STEAM #artandscience


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