Puppetry Workshops

Improv Workshops

Why are so many in the corporate world tapping into the power of Improv? Because it works!  Join Johanna for a fast-paced and fun exploration of improv games and concepts that she has learned through years of professional training, performing, and research.  She will customize a workshop for your group that will build vital skills in communication, collaboration, listening, quick thinking, storytelling, emotional intelligence, and creativity.  She’ll also share the research and resources that support Improvisation as a unique teaching tool. Click below to see & hear me go on and on about it!  
Advanced Puppet Manipulation

Learn techniques Johanna has perfected over the last 20 years of teaching and performing, and after working and studying with the Bread and Puppet Theatre, Eric Bass of Sandglass Theatre, the O'Neill Puppetry Conference, Michael Earl, Gina Pavlova, and many movement artists from all over the world.  Use a variety of puppets to learn a basic vocabulary of puppet movement.  

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