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Makes it all worth it. Goosebumps.

From High School Theatre teacher Terry Schwinge: "Today at Santa Ana High School’s Theater Arts classes, we began work that started with The California Arts Project and Johanna Smith’s puppetry workshops for theater arts teachers last year. Students explored and expanded the definition of what makes ”a puppet.” An exploration of movement, expression and humanity in simple crumpled pieces of paper. Students exclaimed that “they could see the emotions of their puppets” that they “made them seem lifelike” and, my favorite comment, “put us in touch with our inner child.” Because as an arts teacher I often feel that we are not so much building new skills, but rather preserving and defending that essential spirit of childlike wonder that adulthood all too often chisels away from kindergarten on. It was alive and awake today in a classroom in Santa Ana And I was thrilled to witness it."


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