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Scope and Sequence

Our program is structured to guide students through exploration/foundation in beginning courses to application and mastery, culminating in a service learning course that requires working with local young people under the supervision of an experienced educator.  Our curriculum process was guided by ideas from Understanding by Design by Wiggins an McTighe, based on our years of collaboration and training with the California Arts Project (  

In addition, our program is inspired by the discipline-specific approach to Theatre Education called “Theatre Critical Literacy,” as developed by Dr. Lin Wright. This centers the “jobs” of Theatre production (actor, designer, director, dramaturg, playwright, stage manager, educator/applied Theatre practitioner, critic) as the scaffolding for Theatre training and study.  This is a practice-based approach which emphasizes the role of research and theory in production. All students must experience all facets of Theatre production during their time at CSUSB. The Program as accepted by our Curriculum process is as follows, and 4- and 2-year roadmaps are also provided.

For a list and description of courses see this page.

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