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The Fortune Teller 

Since 2001, Johanna Smith has "secretly" performed the Fortune Teller puppet for Halloween for thousands of visitors on Jefferson Ave in Pomona.  The puppet tells the same bad jokes every year, but for some reason people love her and come back to see her year after year. Johanna never gets pictures of her - she's too busy to remember to ask anyone to take some!

Fun facts: There have been 2 Fortune Teller puppets. The first one was made by a former Muppet puppet maker for a show in Washington DC where she played an evil queen.  Johanna grabbed her and saved her before she was thrown out.  She is still in a box somewhere but she's falling apart. 

The second fortune teller is a puppet Johanna made for a video shoot.  Fortune telling is her only job.

If you have any pictures of her over the years, please send them to Johanna!    

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